Thinking of Selling?

Have you been asking yourself these questions: What’s My Home Worth? How long will it take to sell it? How much will it cost me to sell it -what are my net proceeds?

CJ DelVecchio can help answer all your questions about selling. She has 20+ years experience selling homes in the greater Ithaca area.

She offers a FREE no-obligation comparative market analysis to help you with the pricing of your home in today’s competitive marketplace. She can give you helpful tips on preparing your home, where to spend time and money in repairs and/or renovations that will make your home shine among the competition. Contact her today and she will come view your home and provide you great information in this beginning stage of the process.  You can also get started researching online with these helpful links:

CJ’s Seller Tips:

Here are some more tips for you to research before you are ready for a market analysis:

1. Know the 7 Reasons your house will sell:

    • Location
    • Condition
    • Price
    • Showing Access
    • Terms
    • Market Conditions/Competition
    • Promotion (the REALTOR® you choose!)

2 of the 7 are out of your control – location and market conditions/competition

5 of the 7 you DO control: condition, price, access, terms and the marketing agent you choose.

     Questions to consider when selling:

  • Is the condition of my home the best it can be? Is it better than the competition?
  • Is it priced accurately for the market? Is it the BEST VALUE on the market right now compared to the competition?
  • Will my terms for the sale allow me to receive as many offers as possible in today’s market?
  • What is the overall MARKETING PLAN the REALTOR® will use to get me the highest price in the shortest amount of time?

Helpful homeowner tips from the National Association of REALTORS® website:

2. The Benefits of Using a REALTOR®:

There are several reasons why you will need to use the services of a REALTOR® to help you through the sale process.

A. The first reason is that 90+% of all buyers connect with a REALTOR® before they ever step foot into a home. If you have tried to sell your home yourself, you know all the work that goes into marketing the home. Unfortunately you also miss a large portion of the market – the out of town market. Sure the internet helps, but realistically buyers still connect via the internet with agents, as time is very precious to buyers. 

» CJ has a proven track record in online marketing and can show you her successful Marketing Plan!

B. The second reason to choose a professional agent is their extensive knowledge of the market. Expert agents know that ‘there is no objection a buyer has to any home that price cannot overcome.’ That is a powerful statement of fact. Today’s market is not the same as yesterday’s market or as last month’s market.  With all the media reports on the drastic change in home sales, how do you know what information to use in pricing?

» CJ spends every day looking at the products (i.e. your competition) and therefore has a trained eye for the market value of your home in relation to others currently offered for sale. The price you set for your home is the most important decision you will make when selling. Only an experienced agent like CJ can help you determine the best strategy for pricing to get your home SOLD.

C. The third reason to use a professional is to have
objectivity. REALTORS® have no emotional ties to your house and can give you an onjective opinion about it’s value to the buyers they are working with in today’s market. There is no pre-disposed goal in selling, price or otherwise. 

» CJ can quickly assess how your house compares with the competition. Another benefit is that CJ also works as a Buyer’s Agent – this gives her the perspective from a buyer’s point of view. She knows what’s currently trending with buyers, information that is extremely important for a seller to have in making decisions for selling.

D. REALTORS® use a database system for promoting homes for sale through their Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
You gain direct access to the buyers in the buyer pool locally, nationwide and internationally. 

» CJ is a member of both the Ithaca and Cortland MLS’s – reaching from the Greater Ithaca area to Cortland, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. This network of regional real estate professionals provides you with the kind of exposure you need in today’s competitive market.

Also CJ uses her writing and photography skills to your best advantage in designing the text and photos for the home on the MLS with a professionally-trained marketing eye for promotion.

3. Choose your REALTOR® wisely:

The final factor for a successful sale is who you choose as your REALTOR®. You probably realize that not every REALTOR® provides you with the same level of service. Some agents provide a limited range of services from simply listing it on the MLS and offering no other assistance to limited marketing plans. Did you know that 80% of the business in real estate is done by 20% of the REALTORS®? CJ DelVecchio is a full-time REALTOR® – ready to get to work on your behalf with experience, a network of contacts in the real estate industry, and a technological edge. She consistently performs in the top 5% of sales in the Ithaca Board of REALTORS® MLS. CJ provides a level of full service above the average agent and her success from repeat business and referrals proves this.

 » View recently SOLD homes on CJHOMES.COM

The fact is, choosing a REALTOR® is as important a decision as deciding the price. You should expect the following from your REALTOR®:

    • professionalism
    • communication
    • positive sales technique
    • knowledge of the buying and selling process
    • advertising/marketing skills above the norm
    • skilled negotiation techniques
    • experience in handling all the details from offer to closing
    • excellent agent to agent relationships

Are you ready to sell your home? Contact CJ to get started today!

Learn more about Seller Agency:

A seller’s agent, or listing agent, is a real estate agent who is employed by and represents only the seller in a transaction. This agent’s responsibilities to you, the seller, include:

    • Marketing your property for sale in one, or more, Multiple Listing Services, exposing to the open market quickly
    • Being your advocate – acting for your benefit, and putting your interests above the interests of any other person
    • Protecting any confidential information which may weaken your bargaining power 
    • Helping you with the steps throughout the purchase and sale process
    • Evaluating your property on price via a Comparative Market Analysis and offering suggestions to increase its marketability
    • Advertising your property with yard signs, newspaper or home magazine ads and especially online venues
    • Negotiating the best price and terms for the sale of your property
    • Reviewing/evaluating offers and suggesting counteroffers
    • Helping you through the steps from offer to closing to ensure a successful transaction