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Below is a list of homes sold. For a full list of sold homes please visit the Sold Properties page.

Homes Sold in 2018

  • Sold in 2018: 817 Elmira Road
  • 314 Farm Street
  • 140 Whitetail Drive
  • 163 Ridge Road

Homes Sold in 2017

  • 402 Hanshaw Road
  • 30 E Shore Circle
  • 218 Fall Creek Drive
  • 315 Elmwood Avenue
  • 57 Nor Way
  • 36 Dandyview Heights, Lansing
  • 6513 Waterburg Road
  • 10 Goodrich Way, Dryden
  • 14 Dates Road, Lansing
  • 4128 Podunk Road
  • 3282 Dubois Road
  • 111 Strawberry Hill Circle #3


Homes Sold in 2016

  • 11 Stonehaven Drive
  • 355 Saranac Way
  • 5 Pleasant Grove Road
  • 131 Blair Street
  • 4680 East Bates Rd
  • 9 Observatory Circle
  • 28 Eagles Head Rd
  • 2303 S. Cortland Virgil
  • 14 Redwood Lane
  • 401 Linn Street
  • 86 Peruville Road
  • 92 Whitetail Drive


Homes Sold in 2015

  • 53 Lansing Station Rd
  • 110 Brook Drive
  • 82 Asbury Road
  • 37 South Street
  • 58 Southworth Rd.
  • 60 Gulf Hill Road
  • 78 Lois Lane
  • 30 Whitetail Drive
  • 34 Yellow Barn Road
  • 53 South Street
  • 72 Liberty Street


Homes Sold in 2014:

SOLD in 2014: 1 School House Lane SOLD in 2014: 7 Williams Street SOLD in 2014: Luce Road SOLD in 2014: 385 Luce Road SOLD in 2014: 285 Etna Road

1 School House Lane

7 Williams Street
Luce Road barn
385 Luce Road
285 Etna Road
SOLD in 2014: 156 Bundy Road SOLD in 2014:115 Benjamin Hill Road SOLD in 2014: Wilson Road SOLD in 2014: 4331 Cold Springs Road SOLD in 2014: 116 Lincoln Avenue
156 Bundy Road
115 Benjamin Hill Rd
Lot 4 Wilson Road
4331 Cold Springs Rd
116 Lincoln Avenue
SOLD in 2014: 10 Asbury Road SOLD in 2014: 77 South Street SOLD in 2014: 4331 Cold Springs Road SOLD in 2014: 2745 N Triphammer Lansing NY SOLD in 2014: 1492 Coddington Road Brooktodale NY
10 Asbury Road
77 South Street
4331 Cold Springs Rd
2745 N. Triphammer Rd
1492 Coddington Rd
1574 Great Gully Road 298 Main St Ext. SOLD in 2014: 1873 Danby Road SOLD in 2014: 137 Hopkins Road Sold in 2014: 371 Shaffer Road Newfield NY
1574 Great Gully Rd
298 Main Street Ext


1873 Danby Road


137 Hopkins Road
371 Shaffer Road
Welcome to 302 Sunnyview Lane Ithaca NY Welcome to 11 Millcroft Way Welcome to 20 Ferguson Road Welcome to 809 N Aurora Street

SOLD in 2015: 3093 Mekeel Road

302 Sunnyview Lane
11 Millcroft Way
20 Ferguson Road
809 N. Aurora Street
3093 Mekeel Road


Homes Sold in 2013:

SOLD in 2013: 211 Sykes Street SOLD in 2013: 115 Hamilton Square SOLD in 2013: Karn Road

SOLD in 2013: 75 Sheldon Road

SOLD in 2013: Searsburg Road

211 Sykes Street

115 Hamilton Square
Karn Road 20 Acres
75 Sheldon Road

Searsburg Road 28 acres

SOLD in 2013: Sheldon Road SOLD in 2013: 106 Northway Road SOLD in 2013: 321 Wood Road

SOLD in 2013:306 North Parkway

SOLD in 2013: 52 Besemer Hill Road

Sheldon Road 15 Acres

106 Northway Road
321 Wood Road
306 North Parkway

52 Besemer Hill Road
: $236,500

SOLD in 2013: 120 Pearl Street SOLD in 2013: 118 Fayette Street

SOLD in 2013: 433 Peruville Road

SOLD in 2013: 402 Harris Dates Drive SOLD in 2013: 17 Bush Lane

120 Pearl Street

118 Fayette Street
433 Peruville Road $186,000 402 Harris Dates Drive

17 Bush Lane


SOLD in 2013: 6008 Searsburg Road SOLD in 2013: 121 Christopher Circle SOLD in 2013: Wilson Road SOLD in 2013: 8 Peaceful Drive SOLD in 2013: Ringwood Road

6008 Searsburg Road

122 Christopher Circle
Lot 1 Wilson Road

8 Peaceful Drive

Ringwood Road

SOLD in 2013: 4875 Kinney Gulf Road

SOLD in 2013: 716 Lansing Station Road

SOLD in 2013: 148 Neimi Road

SOLD in 2013: 310 Munson Road SOLD in 2013: 306 Meadow Wood Terrace

4875 Kinney Gulf Rd

118 Fayette Street
: $108,100

148 Neimi Road

310 Munson Road

306 Meadow Wood Terrace

SOLD in 2013:30 Collins Road

SOLD in 2013: 30 Yellow Barn Road

30 Collins Road

1635 Trumansburg Road

30 Yellow Barn Road

Homes Sold in 2012:

SOLD! in 2012: 102 Terraceview Drive

SOLD! 218 Snyder Hill Road, Ithaca NY

SOLD! 18 Aurora Street, Moravia NY

SOLD in 2012: 1447 Slaterville Road

SOLD! in 2012: 59 Karn Road

102 Terraceview Drive
218 Snyder Hill Road
18 Aurora Street
1447 Slaterville Road
59 Karn Road

SOLD! 3050 Frontenac Road, Trumansburg NY

SOLD! 324 Siena Drive, Ithaca NY

SOLD! 1552 Slaterville Road, Ithaca NY

SOLD! in 2012: 925 N. Tioga Street

SOLD in 2012! 521-2 Strawberry Hill Circle

3050 Frontenac Road
324 Siena Drive
1552 Slaterville Road
925 N. Tioga Street
521-2 Strawberry Hill Circle

SOLD! in 2012: 325 Johnson Road

SOLD! in 2012: 55 Besemer Road

SOLD! in 2012: 3 Brookside Drive

SOLD! in 2012: 171 Ridgecrest Road

SOLD in 2012: 115 Northview Road

325 Johnson Road
55 Besemer Road
3 Brookside Drive
171 Ridgecrest Road
115 Northview Road

SOLD! in 2012: Cayuga Lakefront

SOLD! in 2012: 84 Pleasant Valley Road

SOLD! in 2012: 234 Van Etten Road

SOLD! in 2012: 2094 Houghton Road

SOLD! in 2012: 500 Auburn Road

7624 County Route 153
84 Pleasant Valley Rd
234 Van Etten Road
2094 Houghton Road
500 Auburn Road

SOLD! in 2012: 188 Davis Road

SOLD! in 2012: 14 Guiles Road

SOLD! in 2012: 258 Dubois Road

SOLD! in 2012: 53 Karn Road

188 Davis Road
14 Guiles Road
258 Dubois Road
23 Lieb Road
53 Karn Road

SOLD! in 2012: 134 Hornbrook Road

SOLD! in 2012: 305 Blackstone Avenue

SOLD! in 2012: 441 Caswell Road

SOLD in 2012! 966 Indian Field Road

134 Hornbrook Road
305 Blackstone Avenue
441 Caswell Road
966 Indian Field Road


Home Sold in 2011:

Sold in 2011: 157 Cayuga Street SOLD in 2011: 2167 Slaterville Road SOLD in 2011: 11 Main Street Candor Sold in 2011: Scout Lane

Sold in 2011: 159 Nelson Road

157 Cayuga Street
2167 Slaterville Road
11 Main Street
Lot 9 Scout Lane   $27,000 Lot $220,000
House being built by Carina Construction
159 Nelson Road

Sold in 2011: 2 Deer Run Road

Sold in 2011: 714 Van Ostrand Road

Sold in 2011: 23 Observatory Circle

Sold in 2011: 109 Pasadena Ave Sold in 2011: 21 Penny Lane
2 Deer Run Road
714 Van Ostrand Road
23 Observatory Circle
109 Pasadena Avenue
21 Penny Lane
Sold in 2011: 285 Etna Road

Sold in 2011: 129 Sheldon Road

Sold in 2011:154 Pearsall Place

Sold in 2011: 801 Five Mile Drive

Sold in 2011: 119 Westhaven Road

285 Etna Road
129 Sheldon Road
154 Pearsall Place
801 Five Mile Drive
 119 Westhaven Road

Sold in 2011: 55 Midline Rd

Sold in 2011: 3 Sunset Drive

Sold in 2011: E6 Sevanna Park

Sold in 2011: 809 Five Mile Drive

Sold in 2011: Federal House B&B
55 Midline Road
3 Sunset Drive
E6 Sevanna Park
809 Five Mile Drive

Sold in 2011: 23 Hilton Road

Sold in 2011: 16 Sundown Road

Sold in 2011: Yellow Barn

Welcome to 384 N. Applegate Road

2 Dart Drive

23 Hilton Road
16 Sundown Road
Yellow Barn Road
384 N. Applegate Road
2 Dart Drive

Welcome to Sevanna Park

Welcome to Hanshaw Road

Welcome to 26 Asbury Drive

T2C Sevanna Park
Hanshaw Road
26 Asbury Road

Homes Sold in 2010: 

Did you know? CJ's average DAYS on MARKET for listing sold in 2010 = 128, compared to Ithaca Board of REALTORS MLS average = 147!

Welcome to 298 Midline Road Welcome to Dryden Village 116 E. Seneca Road 277 Lake Road SOLD in 2010

298 Midline Road

7 Greystone Drive
116 E. Seneca Road
277 Lake Road


118 Goodman Road 304 Muriel Street Welcome to 288 Groton Vera Circle
118 Goodman Road
304 Muriel Street
288 Groton Road
Vera Circle
Welcome to 13 Penny Lane, Commonland Community Welcome to 39 Penny Lane Welcome to 66 Bank Street Welcome to 1439 Trumansburg Road
13 Penny Lane
39 Penny Lane
66 Bank Street
1439 Trumansburg Road
213 Richard Place Historic Trumansburg Home Welcome to 105 Etna Road Welcome to 113 Northview Road

213 Richard Place

99 Cayuga Street
co-listed with Steve Saggese
105 Etna Road
113 Northview Road
Welcome to 40 Spring Run Road Welcome to 7550 Willow Creek Road Welcome to Sovocool Hill Road 218 Van Buskirk SOLD In 2010
40 Spring Run Road
7550 Willow Creek Road
990 Sovocool Hill Road

218 Van Buskirk Road

Homes Sold in 2009: 

  • 607 West Court Street, City of Ithaca
  • 8 Renwick Drive, City of Ithaca
  • 966 Indian Field Road, Town of Genoa
  • 75 Lewis Street, Dryden Village
  • 1010 Sovocool Hill Road, Town of Groton
  • 1762 Coddington Road, Town of Danby
  • 509 Midline Road, Town of Dryden
  • 102 Haller Boulevard, City of Ithaca
  • 19 Besemer Road, Town of Caroline
  • 216 Second Street, City of Ithaca
  • 408 Auburn Street, City of Ithaca
  • 305 Saranac Way, Town of Ithaca
  • 1083 Townline Road, Town of Genoa
  • E5 Sevanna Park, Village of Lansing
  • 204 Tudor Road, Town of Ithaca
  • 129 Pinckney Road, Town of Dryden
  • 126 Goodman Road, Town of Lansing
  • 1176 Trumbulls Corners Road, Town of Newfield

Homes Sold in 2008: 

  • 436 Scofield Road, Town of Lansing
  • 3509 West Avenue, Village of Interlaken
  • 197 Pleasant Valley Road, Town of Groton
  • 47 Hungerford Road, Town of Dryden
  • 2127 West Danby Road, Town of Newfield
  • 224 Pleasant Street, City of Ithaca
  • 61 Pleasant Valley Road, Town of Groton
  • 4220 Route 228, Town of Ulysses
  • 54 Mill Street, Village of Dryden
  • 361 Smith Road, Town of Groton
  • 3557 Colegrove Road, Town of Ulysses
  • 32 Asbury Road, Town of Lansing

Homes Sold in 2007: 

  • 4 Le Grand Court, Town of Ithaca
  • 20 Pheasant Walk, Town of Caroline
  • 759 Van Ostrand Road, Town of Lansing
  • Wilson Road Lots, Town of Lansing
  • 408 Buck Road, Town of Lansing
  • 36 Woodcrest Avenue, City of Ithaca
  • 160 Midline Road, Town of Caroline
  • 7B Vista Lane, Town of Ithaca
  • 1351 Slaterville Road, Town of Ithaca
  • 816 Cliff Street, City of Ithaca
  • 16 Lancashire Drive, Town of Enfield
  • 2735 Slaterville Road, Town of Caroline
  • 365 Troy Road, Town of Danby
  • 175 East King Road, Town of Ithaca
  • 205 East Marshall Street, City of Ithaca
  • 210 Campbell Avenue, City of Ithaca
  • 1266 Honoco Road, Town of Ledyard
  • 410 Buck Road, Town of Lansing
  • 88 Dublin Road, Town of Lansing
  • 106 Church Street, Village of Moravia

CJ has sold over 800 properties in the Greater Ithaca area since getting her real estate license in 1996. Because the sale prices become out-dated, these older sales are merely listed by address/date in a list format for easier reading on this website. For a complete list of all CJhomes sold, contact CJ directly.

Some Favorite CJ Homes SOLD:

Jewel of The Finger Lakes
16 Elm Street, Trumansburg

Former "Biggs" Estate, founding family in Trumansburg.

  • Over 5000 finished square feet
  • 3+ acres inside the Village
  • Built in the Georgian style
  • Large main parlor 
  • Two sunporches 
  • Grand staircase highlighted by a Palladium window. 
  • A library with many built in cabinets and shelves.

Mr. Biggs was the owner of Biggs Co. Hardware in Trumansburg and Grandson of the other famous Trumansburg estate, Colonel Hermon Camp.

West Hill
318 Oakwood Lane, Ithaca

Architect-Designed City Contemporary

  • Open spaces throughout
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Three levels of living space
  • Sunken living room with fireplace
  • Quiet residential West Hill neighborhood
  • Much-admired home

I've sold this house twice!


Forest Home
320 Forest Home Drive, Ithaca

Welcome to the Forest Home Neighborhood...a much desired location!

  • Close to Cornell campus
  • Backyard is Fall Creek
  • Classic lines and stylings
  • Natural woodwork throughout
  • Formal living and dining rooms
  • Wonderful front porch



The Cradit Moore House
Pleasant Grove Road, Ithaca

The House that Cornell Moved...

  • Historic home formerly located on Cornell's North Campus
  • Plantings on the new site are accurate for the former home's location
  • Exterior paint scheme even historically correct
  • Greek Revival style with frieze windows and half-story design
  • Probably the most well-known house in Ithaca at the time of sale
  • Another much-admired home near Cornell campus

This home was listed by Susan Lewis of Coldwell Banker Shaw R.E. I sold this home as a buyer's agent.


Lower Cayuga Heights
721 East Shore Drive, Ithaca

Across from Boynton/Ithaca High School

  • Great location near downtown but not in the City
  • Spacious center-split design with 2400 square feet
  • Warm cherry kitchen with breakfast bar
  • Vaulted ceilings add contemporary style
  • Large downstairs family room with lots of storage
  • Cute manageable yard with small stream


Thinking of building a home this year? CJ can help!

Step 1: Find Land to Build

If you don’t already own land to build your new dream home, the first step for most people is finding land in the location they want to live and within the budget they want to spend.

Here’s a selection of land currently available for sale:

Step 2: Already own land?

Great!  Now you can work on your building plans. CJ can work with you on the process of finding a builder to meet your needs/style/budget. If you’re interested in going modular, CJ works exclusively with Carina Construction on their new energy-efficient modular homes. You can learn about Carina online at their website at CarinaConstruction.com. View floor plans, current and past projects and read testimonials from satisfied new homeowners. If you want to set up a free, no-obligation meeting with the builder, Matt Haney, call or email CJ to get scheduled today!

More about Carina Construction:

  • One of the benefits of working with Carina is that EVERY HOME Carina builds is a Quality Custom Home and includes Professional Interior Design.
  • Carina offers “TURNKEY PRICING” which means the price you’re quoted is the price you pay!
  • Carina has been building homes in the Finger Lakes area since 2003…they have built over 100 quality homes and counting!
  • QUICK TURNAROUND from time of order to the time you're moving in!
  • LESS LANDFILL WASTE - with 90% of building materials recycled at the factory...GREEN!
  • Factory-controlled environment means LESS DAMAGE to the house during construction!
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Carina is An Energy StarTM partner!

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Glen Manor Two-Story - view more details and floor plan here

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 baths
  • 3080 sq ft
  • $275,455 on your lot!

This spacious 2-story from Apex Homes of PA offers classic lines from the Colonial design era. With 1540 sq ft on each floor, there's room to grow your family into the spaces on each level!  Very large modern kitchen with open family room space for daily activities or get-together/entertaining. Formal living and dining rooms too. Upstairs there's a spacious master suite with double closets. 3 more bedrooms upstairs as well. All our homes come with full basements which add more expansion possibilities.

Every home we build is custom-designed...let us build your new dream home!

Considering a Condo?

Contact CJ DelVecchio - your Ithaca condo specialist!

***February 2018 update: CONDOS ARE SCARCE!!! Very few have been coming on the market and there is a high demand of buyers.***

  • Buying? You will need a REALTOR® to help guide you through each neighborhood, helping you evaluate the recent sales and also the value for each unit that may be purchased. Choose a REALTOR® who has been in all the different units, has experience in selling condos and can offer advice on sale prices as well as benefits of each area. 
  • Selling? Contact me for a walk-through of your condo and an overview of the market, the steps to selling successfully in today's market and a review of my marketing plan.

About Condos/Townhouses in the Ithaca Area...

There are a variety of condos/townhouses in the Ithaca area - this website will help you understand more about your condo options and recent pricing.

  1. Be financially prepared (if you need a mortgage, go to the bank to get pre-qualified)
  2. Drive around each of the areas to see the different settings and styles available from the outside. You may decide one fits your needs best from the grounds and overall location.
  3. Learn about the different ownership types including Planned Unit Development (i.e. Commonland) vs condos vs townhouses - learn more:  helpful link on HUD
  4. Review the information detailed here on recent sales to help you get familiar with the range of pricing and square footage for each area.
  5. Association Dues - they are set by the HOA Board, the rates listed here may be slightly different if the board made recent changes. Each HOA has a set of rules and regulations which list what is covered exactly in the dues; you will have to check each HOA individually for the most up-to-date information. There is also a property manager for each HOA, along with the member-owners who sit on the board for the HOA.

Option #1: Welcome to Commonland Community

Close to Cornell University and on the TCAT busline on the East side of town, these units have 1-2-3 bedroom units with a variety of floor plans including a split-level design and a townhouse design. It is situated close to Six Mile Creek Preserve and was originally started in the 1980's as a green building design. There is a Community building, ballfields, a pond and common laundry areas.

  • Many owners have added their own on-site laundry in their units over time. 
  • There is a community garden for use by residents.
  • There is an email listserv for Commonland and there is an Association to manage the financial and social decisions of the community. Many people who come to Cornell or Ithaca College have lived here and enjoyed a more home-like atmosphere than renting.
  • There are deed restrictions which prohibit long-term renting of the units so these are mainly owner-occupied. Some of the end units and lower units enjoy close proximity to the nature preserve and all that it brings - deer, birds, and more!
  • Association dues are $235 per month. Not every unit has a carport, but if one does, there is an annual fee ($30).  The dues include water and sewer bills and garbage service, exterior maintenance, plowing and mowing. Heat/electricity and taxes are the owner's responsibility.

I know Commonland!  Here are properties I have sold:

  • 62 Lois Lane - sold in 2006 (buyer's agent)
  • 43 Lois Lane - sold in 2006
  • 13 Penny Lane  sold in 2010
  • 39 Penny Lane  sold in 2010
  • 78 Lois Lane - sold in 2011 (buyer's agent)
  • 21 Penny Lane - sold in 2011
  • 43 Penny Lane - sold in 2011 (buyer's agent)
  • 41 Penny Lane - sold in 2013  (buyer's agent)
  • 78 Lois Lane - sold in 2015
  • 52 Lois Lane - sold in 2016 (buyer's agent)
  • 43 Penny Lane - sold in 2016
  • 55 Lois Lane - sale pending 2018 (buyer's agent)









Option #2: Welcome to Sevanna Park

Also close to Cornell University and on the TCAT busline, Sevanna Park condos are on the Northeast side of campus closer to Pyramid Mall and other shopping. These units have 1-2-3 bedroom units with a standard design and a few units with a 2-story townhouse design. Originally developed in the 1970's, these brick buildings are tucked back off North Triphammer Road and offer a convenient location for residents young and old. 

  • There are usually laundry facilities in each building in the basement, and there may also be storage lockers/areas for bikes and/or other personal items.  
  • There is an association fee, which depends on each unit so you have to inquire individually. This fee include water and sewer costs, exterior maintenance, garbage removal and sometimes even heat. Taxes would be an additional cost to the owner. 

I know Sevanna Park!  Here are some properties I have sold:

  • E5 Sevanna Park - sold in 2009
  • E6 Sevanna Park - sold in 2009 (buyer's agent)
  • T2A Sevanna Park - sold in 2009 (buyer's agent)
  • D5 Sevanna Park -sold in 2004
  • E5 Sevanna Park - sold in 2004
  • E6 Sevanna Park - sold in 2011
  • T2C Sevanna Park - sold in 2011
  • A11 Sevanna Park - sold in 2016 (buyer's agent)
  • E12 Sevanna Park - sold in 2016 (buyer's agent)
  • G7 Sevanna Park - sold in 2018 (buyer's agent)

These properties are in demand and when new units come on the market, they sell quickly!

Option #3: Welcome to Vista Lane

These condo/townhouse units are located just past the entrance to Ithaca College on South Hill, built in the 1980's with cathedral ceilings, south and southwest exposure and with a split level design. All units have a 1-car garage and deck and patio areas.  Only a few of these become available for sale. Location is convenient to Route 96B, South Hill, Ithaca College, Candor and Binghamton corridor. There are only a handful of condos built here...phase 2 of the development never happened so there is a lot of green space in this complex.

  • The association fee monthly is $180

I've sold one of these limited condos:

  • 7B Vista Lane - sold in 2007

Option #4: Welcome to Eastwood Commons & Sunnyview

Located on a walking trail just south and east of Cornell and Belle Sherman is Eastwood Commons. These are townhouse style units that are often hard to come by as sales are not as prevalent here. Which indicates that the owners are long-time residents and that properties that do come on the open market are bought up quickly. These units usually have a garage underneath although there are some main level living units that have a garage attached on the same level. There are two different homeowner's associations - Eastwood Commons and Sunnyhill. The ones in the 500 block of Strawberry Hill Circle are in Sunnyhill.

There is a Resident's Association here too, and there are committees like the Grounds Committee that do a fantastic job of keeping the areas beautiful year round.  Association fees are based on square footage.  It is close to the bus stop and the East Ithaca Recreation Way which takes you to Cornell through Belle Sherman.

I know Eastwood Commons! Here are some properties recently sold:

  • 511 Strawberry Hill Circle #3 - sold in 2009
  • 111 Strawberry Hill Circle #3 - sold in 2010
  • 521 Strawberry Hill Circle #2 - Sold in 2012
  • 321-2 Wildflower Drive - Sold in 2015
  • 111 Strawberry Hill Circle #3 - sold in 2017

In the past few years, these units have listed and sold quickly with brisk competition. If you want to get into this community, you will need to call me so I can let you know when something becomes available for purchase, otherwise it may sell before you see it advertised for sale!

Option #5: Welcome to Deer Run

South Hill offers a 1980's version of what I call the Philadelphia condo/townhouse...this is the style that most out-of-town buyers think about when they ask about whether there are any condos in Ithaca. These are newer in both style and amenities, with a couple of floor plans available including a sunken living room style which is quite appealing, or the soaring cathedral ceiling style, also popular.

Deer Run is aptly named - there are deer here! The landscaping is minimal, due to the deer that will visit your plants and consider them free food. Many owners here have found ways to garden with deer-resistant plantings. Whether you're a fan of the local deer population, it is an interesting sight to see  - natural deer moving around at dawn or dusk throughout the area.

There is an association fee which covers the exterior grounds, lawn mowing, landscaping, and street lights. Some of the townhouses have a monthly roof assessment, which is to cover the roof replacements done in 2007-2008, these run for 10 years so most will be paid by 2018. You will have to check the monthly fee for each unit to find out what their charges are currently.

Also in this area are single family homes, most of which were built in the late 1980's but mostly in the 1990's even into 2005. This location works great for those working at Ithaca College, as it is a short drive from the IC campus. There are also great views from many of the units here and there is a neighborhood park.

June 2016 Update - so far these units have sold quickly!

I know Deer Run!  Some recent units for sale/sold:

Other options exist in smaller numbers in and around the Ithaca area:

OPTION #6: Stone Creek condos in the Village of Lansing

Located near Shannon Park, off Cayuga Heights Road behind the Ithaca Mall, these attached townhouses are available occasionally throughout the year. Two recent sales in 2016 were $449,000 and $460,000 - both 2507 sq ft. They include luxury amenities, open floor plans, attached garages and large master suites. Also full basements. Some basements have been finished to add more useable square footage.

The HOA is $185/month.


OPTION #7:  Nor Way townhouses -  Village of Lansing

These are higher-priced 2-story townhouses in a recently developed neighborhood in the NE area of Ithaca, across the street from the Main Ithaca Post Office. They have open floor plans with large kitchens, well-appointed living spaces, optional elevators and attached garages. Some have open air balconies, some have patios. All municipal services. Growing neighborhood. There is a monthly association fee and annual capital expense fee. 2017 fees are $185/month and $550 annual one time fee.

47 Nor Way - sold as a buyer's agent
57 Nor Way - Sold in 2017


OPTION #8:  Black Oak Road  - off Mitchell Street in East Ithaca

These close-to-Cornell located townhouses are rarely offered for sale. They are near the East Ithaca Recreation Way trail through the Belle Sherman neighborhood, also close to elementary schools and East Hill Plaza. Contemporary designs, full of amenities.

HOA fee is $300/month.


OPTION #9:  Holly Creek Townhouses - in South Hill

The newer Holly Creek neighborhood was built with federal tax credits by Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services. Note: they are only for 1st time buyers and there are income qualifications and a limit on profit from re-sale. A good option for the price point, typically ranging from $105,000 to $130,000. The end-units are particularly attractive so you have open space to enjoy.

147 Holly Creek - SOLD in 2015 for $118,900 (buyer's agent)


OPTION #10:  Downtown Ithaca on Hancock Street/Lake Avenue - First Time Buyers Townhouses

Located at the corner of Hancock Street and Lake Avenue, these new 2-story townhouses are offered through INHS for sale to qualified first time homebuyers. A few items of note: flood insurance is required, estimated @ $35/mo. There is also a land lease of $50/mo. And a 2% cap per year on appreciation, upon resale. There is no HOA fee otherwise.

Check INHS website for more info


OPTION #11:  Greek Peak condos in Virgil

If you love skiing, you may want to live near Greek Peak Ski Resort in one of the condos available here. There is also Hope Lodge, and indoor water park and lodge which is one of the Finger Lake's newest attractions.
Typically there are units available for purchase here so selection can be good for buyers.

Visit the Greek Peak Properties website to see what's available for sale.


CONDOS/TOWNHOUSES are in short supply in the Ithaca marketplace, but there are development projects in the planning stage, near Sevanna Park (called Sevanna Row Townhouses) in the NE area of Ithaca, and downtown called City Harbor Development (off Willow Avenue). There's a great local website to follow that tracks all Ithaca developments called Ithaca Builds