Bruce W., Cortland

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Hi CJ, Knowing that I had your knowledge & experience at my disposal helped me to approach the purchase of my first home with an unusual degree of confidence. You’ve been working in this local market for a long time, and you work hard to keep your knowledge up-to-date. Your involvement in other industry activities outside of individual sales strengthens your power as a buyer and/or seller’s advocate. The numerous excellent experiences my family and colleagues have had with your services would have been more than enough to prompt me to engage you as my real estate agent, but I have also followed you throughout your career, and I have never met anyone else in this area with your winning combination of prefessionalism, skill, knowledge, and INTEGRITY. I was making the biggest purchase of my life, and I was so fortunate to have someone like CJ that I could trust implicitly to give me the straight story, and to help guide me through the process. Just one afternoon looking at houses with CJ was an educational esperience that I still benefit from. Five years later, my wife and I are still so very happy with your home. You really did hand-ick the perfect place for us, CJ! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

Bruce W., Cortland December 19, 2016

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